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july 6th industrial fest 1.0 presents

Horror-Electro from Los angeles.
Dawn of ashes was formed in 2001 from the vile mind of :Khris:, creating this project with a wide form of hatred/horror/defacement of religion and violence. Through the years of progression and changes, both members Joey and Behemoth finally came along to add more progress to having the group move forward. In early 2005 they released their first demo "Sacred Fever" which caught German label NoiTekk's attention and later signed the group to the NoiTekk family. After a few months, USA label COP International decided to make a deal to sign DOA as well. In September of 2006, the debut album "In the acts of violence" got released through out the world to put darkness inside the fans. In early 2007 Joey(Tekk) leaves Dawn of Ashes and female member Rayne joins. Now more will come along in the future for this project, so keep an eye out and prepare for the bloodbath.
(Dawn of Ashes-"Beginning an end")

Die Sektor is the creative outlet of Scott Denman, Alan Smith, and John Gerteisen. Founded in 2003 by Scott and another member, Die Sektor began experimenting with electronic music. In 2004 the 5 song demo "Scraping the Flesh" was recorded, sent out, and put up for download, simultaneously accquiring a deal with NoiTekk and a chart position on the DUC.

While working on the debut album there was a split between singer and programmer leaving Die Sektor without a voice. John Gerteisen immediately signed on as vocalist bringing the programming talents of Alan Smith with him, both having been heavily involved in the production of "Scraping the Flesh".
2006 saw the release of the highly acclaimed "To Be Fed Upon" rocking the DAC for the maximum 8 weeks and peaking at #1. 2007 will bring Die Sektor back into the studio as well as on the road to deliver more of their signature live brutality. Die Sektor promises to always FUCK YOU UP!

light 13 candles...
The cold storms of war are upon us, with a dizzying barrage of disinformation leveled at our psyche with the intent of obscuring justice equality and evolution
the forces of nature revolt against us and rightfully so.
Ecological disaster converges with frightening rapidity while the divide between the classes grows wider.
The virus is among us. Taking a stand against that which casually and subtly would devour our interpretation of life, SNY is a violent reaction to the disharmony flowing through our world today.
With live performances, which include coma inducing onslaughts of strobe light mayhem hard synced to the brutal electronic pulse, SNY understands that fire is indeed best fought with fire.
Barely decypherable lyrics clash with oddly melodic progressions best described as electronic shock rock.
Some walk in darkness so they may shine more brightly. Others walk in darkness so they may avoid the light. To shock the unshockable
light those candles and stare into the mirror


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